Jessica Sperling

Jessica Sperling is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) and a doctoral scholar with Bucerius/Zeit Stiftung. Her research focuses on immigration, race and ethnicity, comparative methodology, urban studies, education, and policy.  Her dissertation examines contextual basis of the ethnoracial boundaries and assimilation/integration, focusing on the 1.5 and second generation Latin Americans in New York and Madrid.

In addition to academic research, Jessica has conducted applied work with the
Migration Policy Institute and the New York City’s Mayor’s Office of
Immigrant Affairs. She has also taught and worked in pedagogical
programs at Hunter College, Brooklyn College, Borough of Manhattan
Community College, and the CUNY School of Professional Studies.
Jessica holds a BA with honors in anthropology from Washington
University in St Louis, and an MA and MPhil in sociology from the City
University of New York.