Shirley P. Leyro

Shirley P. Leyro is a doctoral student at the Graduate Center in the Criminal Justice Department at John Jay College.  She co-manages the Center’s AY2011-12 operations, and is the Immigration Policy & Practice Fellow.  She also holds an M.A. in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Deviant Behavior.  Ms. Leyro is an adjunct instructor for CUNY in John Jay’s Sociology and Political Science Departments and Hunter College’s Sociology Department.  She also teaches in the criminal justice department of a local college in New York City.  Ms. Leyro has previously worked as a mitigation specialist for a non-profit defense advocacy agency, where she prepared pre-pleading memorandums for indigent defendants.  Her present research interests include the effects of deportation on the social organization of immigrant communities, immigration and crime, social disorganization and the Latino Paradox. See her curriculum vitae for more information.