Bianca C. Vidal

Bianca C. Vidal is a Ph.D. student in Developmental Psychology at the CUNY, Graduate Center. Her previous research focused on children’s eyewitness identification but she has moved away from that research area. She is currently in the beginning stages of what will eventually be her dissertation. It involves looking at undocumented youth’s civic engagement. Her interest in immigration began because her parents are immigrants to the U.S. and also because of her close work with immigrant’s particularly those who are undocumented. In 2008 she created a page for immigrants from Argentina where information regarding cultural events and immigration issues were discussed and disseminated within the community. In 2009 she began working with a non-profit whose focus was fostering a sense of belonging to newly arrived immigrants.

In 2011 she began teaching at CUNY, Hostos Community College and is currently teaching Experimental Psychology at CUNY, City College. She received her BA in Political Science and Elementary Education from CUNY, Queens College and her MSEd in Childhood Education also from CUNY, Queens College.